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Welcome to Luna Scans
Saturday, June 6, 2009Y
Updates on ETA for Dawn Aria Chapter 6

For most of you who don't know what is ETA, it stands for Estimated Time of Arrival. I will post ETA instead of exact release date coz things might come up and affect my work rate. Dawn Aria Chapter 6 was supposed to be done by today but I can't finish it since I have 20 more pages to go, SFXes to be edited and the worst part is that my parents taking control of my computer so I end up stopping my work for today. I still share computer with my siblings and parents so things like this will become an obvious reason for my late release. I hope you can understand about the late release the next time. For Dawn Aria Chapter 6, I was lazy to edit the SFXes at the beginning but I end up doing it after several unedited SFXes keep on annoying me. I decided to clean them and try to typeset them but I can't seem to find the right font. The ETA for Dawn Aria is changed into Thu 11/6/09. I hope I can finish it in time but I can't promise anything. I have test for three days straight next week and also my report card is coming. I'm crossing my fingers so that my parents will still allow me to use the computer. Sorry if the editing is crappy. This is my first time editing. I hope I can satisfy those who read my release but that's my best ability for now. Scans are HQ but I don't know if I ruin the quality because of my bad editing skill. Please anticipate my release and don't forget to SPAM at my new tagboard. It's still brand new so I'm being lenient on SPAM. I do hope on getting real messages though. Anyway, this is my updates for now.

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heart blue w/ glitter 11:34 AM

Friday, June 5, 2009Y
Dawn Aria - Akaishi Michiyo

Dawn Aria - Akaishi Michiyo

Dawn AriaOriginal Title:
Akatsuki no Aria
No. Of Volumes:
7 Volumes - ongoing
Historical, Josei, Romance
The era is the Taisho period (1912-1926). Kaibara Aria, who wishes to become a pianist, takes the examination to become a preparatory student at the Tokyo School of Music. The passion in her playing overwhelms her surroundings, like a ripple on the surface of water. It was then that Aria had an encounter with the son of the Nishimikado noble family, Natsuo, and learns and shocking truth... The youth of the maiden blessed by the god of music in this stream of musical romance!

Vol 1 is done by Starry Heaven so I will not do it again.

Download links:

None at the moment.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009Y
Welcome to Luna Scans

Hello! Welcome to Luna Scans. I'm Luna Angeline, the single fighter that started the whole thing. I love reading shojo manga and always thought to contribute something. That mind set always been disturbed by the fact that my own private life is so busy that I randomly have time to do scanlation thingy. I'll be starting the scanlation soon enough. I've started with Chapter 6 of Dawn Aria or Akatsuki no Aria. I won't be scanlating the previous chapters coz they're done by Starry Heaven. I do not own or create the manga and this is not the official translation. I'm not translating Jap-Eng so please forgive my mistake if I made any. I'm trying to provide HQ scans but this is the best I can get for now. The Chapter 6 or my first chapter will be out soon coz now I'm hurying to finish it. Please do not ask or spamming on why I haven't release the next chapter. I will do it as soon as I can. I'm also waiting for the Jap translation to my native languange to come out and I can't predict the time so I won't give any exact release date. Instead, estimated date will be put up or else, the release date will be a surprise. Fu3. That's it for now. I must go back to finish Chapter 6.

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heart blue w/ glitter 10:31 AM